What You Can Do

Donate :

Donations are used exclusively to benefit American youths in their efforts to learn how to play tennis including but not limited to:

-          Direct money grants to qualified non-profit tennis related institutions such as public high schools;

-          Purchasing tennis related equipment such as racquets, balls, nets, windscreens, etc.

-          Maintenance and/or repair of public tennis courts for the community; and

-          Payment of expenses for events organized and/or sponsored by the American Tennis Foundation such as charity tennis




Volunteer :

The American Tennis Foundation is in need to volunteers to assist in the upcoming August 13-19, 2012 tennis tournament. Tournament related volunteer functions will include:

-          Marketing;

-          Promotion;

-          Advertising;

-          T-shirt Development;

-          Sponsorship Procurement;

-          Tournament Desk Attendant;

-          Ball persons;

-          Tournament concierge;

-          Tournament photographers; and

-          Tournament correspondents.




Play tennis:

Sign up for the upcoming August 13-19, 2012 tennis tournament which will be held at West End and South End Tennis Clubs. Your entry fee will help support the charity.  A portion of the entry fees ($40 for a singles entry; $25 for a doubles entry) to this tournament and 100% of donations qualify as IRS tax deductible charitable contributions. The American Tennis Foundation’s tax ID number is 27-0357352. Receipts for donations will be provided upon request.